Shepherd Valley Waldorf School K - 8
Student Work

Enjoy examples of student work at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School:

Third Grade Shelter Projects
In the third grade, the children study shelter and house building, contrasting their home with those of other times and peoples and climates. All teaching is done through the teacher's spoken word and direct experience from excursions, thus keeping the learning warm and human.
(This description is paraphrased from Teaching as a Lively Art, by Marjorie Spock.)

May Faire
Early Childhood maypole dance 1
Early Childhood maypole dance 2

Early Childhood maypole dance 3
May Faire honors the powerful winds that sweep across our blooming campus. Presentations of song, verse and music to Lady Spring are made by the grades students, including traditional maypole dances.

2011 Winter Music Assembly
Vioin Trio
Violin Duet
Third Grade Violin
Sixth/Seventh Grade Winds
Fourth/Fifth Grade Winds
Each child in the lower school at a Waldorf School makes beautiful music every day. With their class teacher, in chorus, in strings or in music class, they are gaining not only musical skills and knowledge but also a strong sense of musicality. Naturally, we want the children to be musical, but in Waldorf music education the intention is that their musicality goes beyond melody, harmony and rhythm. The music instruction is presented in such a way as to encourage musical living.
(Excerpts from an article: Into Waldorf Education, Issue 5, Spring 2007)

2012 Spring Music Concert
Pieces: a, b, c, d, e
Fourth/Fifth Grade Cellos: Moher

Middle School Brass: Fanfare for Band

Middle School Band: Danny Boy

Middle School Orchestra: Plink, Plank, Plunk
Middle School Choir: Changamano

The Waldorf music curriculum is as rich and subtle as every other facet of this remarkable approach to education. While it has the ability to produce fine musicians, its true aim is to help produce fine human beings. These Waldorf graduates go forth into the world with the tools our age so desperately needs for cultural renewal. They are active listeners, able to really hear not only what meets the ear but also the impulse and intentions that are truly behind the mere physical sound. They understand that working in the physical world takes effort, perseverance and a refinement of skills. They have experienced the dynamics of working within a group of peers with differing abilities in order to produce something fine, beautiful and meaningful. At our school, the students have had the chance to experience the finer, subtle aspects of music-making. As the graduates leave the school, it is our hope that they are able to allow those aspects to blossom in every aspect of their lives so that they may experience the fulfillment of truly living musical lives.
(Excerpts from an article: Into Waldorf Education, Issue 5, Spring 2007)

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