Shepherd Valley Shepherd Valley Waldorf Schools helps engage kids to make learning fun and exciting. Copyright (C) 2014. Shepherd Valley 2015-03-30T06:55:19-06:00 The History of Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolSee how Shepherd Valley Waldorf School came into reality. 2014-08-06T08:57:00-06:00 Shepherd Valley Shepherd Valley's 33-Acre Outdoor ClassroomThe work of our land engages the will of children and adults on a daily basis and fosters care giving, patience, gratitude, humility and love. It teaches compassion and selflessness. Without being asked or expecting thanks, our land continually gives its 2014-10-07T08:24:00-06:00 Shepherd Valley The Magic Key: Healthy Movement through Practical ActivitiesLearning through daily practical activities is one way we can help children develop the needed brain circuitry to support their academic success. Activities such as sewing, setting the table, finger knitting, woodworking or even folding the laundry all re2014-11-12T13:04:00-07:00 Shepherd Valley The Joy of Being a Class Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolWhy teach math skills when we can use a calculator? Well... "it is an exercise in thinking and brings wonder of numbers and a sense of accomplishment when mastered."2014-12-12T15:40:00-07:00 Shepherd Valley Mathematics in the Middle SchoolFalling in love with the beauty and wonder of geometry is the exact foundation we want to develop in our students. We want them to be passionately curious. As teachers, we simply want our students to love geometry and mathematics as zealously as we do.2015-02-03T17:52:00-07:00 Shepherd Valley Joy in the Parent-Child ClassesAt this very young age (18 months to 3-1/2) we hope to help establish the child’s imaginative play, and we also want to offer her or him a bit of what we call “form” in their young lives. In our classes there are three occasions in our morning that offer 2015-02-23T09:44:00-07:00 Shepherd Valley