Pre-School / Kindergarten Program

Developmentally appropriate kindergarten curriculum with an emphasis on movement and sensory-integration. Learning math, language and science through practical activities indoors and outside in nature. 

Still available: For 3-6 year olds, 2-day, 3-day or 5-day morning programs (8:30am-12:30pm); full days (8:30am-3:30pm).  (5 days required for Kindergarten year) Optional extended care until 5:30pm.

child finger-knitting

The mixed-age preschool/kindergarten classrooms all provide an organic whole grain snack every day.  All of the Early Childhood Classes offer a time for  “work and play”.  This creative play is taken very seriously in a Waldorf Preschool/ Kindergarten class.  It is a time when the child’s imagination can flourish and when social activity, initiated by the children, can take place.  The materials for the creative play are varied and beautiful: silks, large cloths, stones, pinecones, shells, logs, capes, and crowns.  These materials are unformed and non-specific and offer the children an unlimited, unrestricted canvas for play.  One day the children may set sail on a ship, the next day the same toys may become a castle or a restaurant.  In their simplicity, the materials serve the free flow of a child’s mind so that the child’s imaginative qualities flourish and create a strong foundation for creative thinking in later life.  

Upon entering a Waldorf Pre-School or Early Childhood Kindergarten classroom for the first time, many parents experience a sudden sigh of relief, a deep sense of relaxation and security, and a feeling that “oh yes, this is childhood as it should be."


Upon entering a Waldorf Early Childhood  classroom for the first time, many parents experience a sudden sigh of relief, a deep sense of relaxation and security, and a feeling that “oh yes, this is childhood as it should be.” 

Many of the Early Childhood activities are extensions of home life.  Depending on which day of the week, the children may grind grain for the bread they bake for snack, do simple finger knitting, or engage in gardening, mending, or housekeeping.  They learn to love and care for their things in their “classroom” home.  Painting with watercolors, sewing, woodworking, forming beeswax into delightful shapes, and preparation for the festivals are just a few items that guide the flow of the day.  We strive to provide an environment that stimulates and is worthy of a child’s imitation in which each child can be physically active in a meaningful way. Following the morning work and play, the room is always tidied to be ready for another day.  Each day, the children come together for a Fairy Tale, nature or multicultural story or puppet show.  The telling and retelling of the Fairy Tales and other stories opens a world into which each child may enter and be filled with rich imagination.

Vigorous and energetic outside play in the large and rolling play yard is always part of the Early Childhood morning. The teachers understand the importance for the young child to have the opportunity for joyful physical movement and purposeful play as well as the opportunity for their senses to unfold.  The morning closes with a verse and a warm, loving farewell from the teacher to each child.  Through love and warmth, beauty and play, the teacher and children together create a family – a small world of wonder within the larger universe.


Ways SVWS is right for your developing child:


Movement, Physical Development, and Health

Circle games, free play with equipment in classrooms,specific activities for proprioceptive development, gardening, vigorous outdoor play on both flat and hilly play yard

Free Play as an Activity that Fosters Imagination and   Development

Open-ended toys and play equipment

Speech Development (Language Arts)

Rhythmic games, singing, rich language modeled by   teachers, story telling

Artistic Development

Eurythmy in Kindergarten, painting and coloring, open-ended toys and activities

Foundations of Math and Science Education

Eurythmy, rhythmic games, counting games, building

Formation of Social Skills

Free play, collaboration in food prep, imaginative play, group dynamics


Organic & local foods, no sugar, responsive to dietary restrictions


Daily outdoor play, gardening, farming


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