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Cindy Sudan, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School

Cindy Sudan, Sunflower Garden Teacher and Director of Early Childhood Programs

    • B.A. in Waldorf Education: Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA
    • Waldorf Teacher Training Kindergarten and Early Childhood, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA
    • Completion:  Nurturing the Roots Professional Course, Therapeutic Approach to Waldorf Early Childhood Education, Denver, CO
    • Colorado State Director Qualifications since 1989
    • Nursing School and License, MO; Labor/Delivery and Pediatric Nurse
    • Certification in Family and Systemic Constellation Facilitation

    Cindy was born near Austin, Texas and grew up as an Air Force dependent as the oldest of six children. Growing up, she lived in Spain, Missouri, Massachusetts, California and Germany where she graduated high school. Before joining Shepherd Valley Waldorf School in 1994, Cindy taught at the Kauai Waldorf School in Hawaii.

    During her years at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School, Cindy has served as Chair for the College of Teachers and Early Childhood Faculty.  She has been a representative on the Board of Trustees and a member of numerous committees. She loves working with young children and finds enjoyment in seeing them blossom and acquire the skills for their journey into the grades.

    Cindy and Stan Sudan have two creative adult children who both attended Shepherd Valley Waldorf School and a local Waldorf High School.

    Cindy’s interests include puppetry and crafts, hiking (she walked a 500 mile pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela across northern Spain in 2005), gardening, photography and genealogy.

Jamie Little, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolJamie Little, Bluebell Garden Teacher

  • BA: University of Colorado at Boulder in psychology and elementary education

Jamie is a Colorado native and a Waldorf graduate. She is completing her masters in Waldorf Education at Antioch New England.

She has lived in many different states and was teaching 2nd grade in South Florida at a small Waldorf School before moving back to beautiful Colorado. When Jamie is not in the classroom she is in the kitchen or the garden. She loves to write, create art, sew, drink tea, and create new kinds of pie.


Nancy Gershman, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolNancy Gershman, First and Second Grade Teacher

  • BA in Child Development from Connecticut College in New London
  • Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education

Nancy, the youngest of three children, was born in New Haven, Connecticut. Her father was a pediatrician and her mother was a kindergarten teacher. From an early age, Nancy knew that she wanted to be a teacher and by the age of 10, she was teaching younger children how to swim.

Nancy spent her junior year in Israel, living on a kibbutz and working with the kindergarten. After college, Nancy moved to Boulder and began teaching at Alaya Preschool. It was there that Nancy had her first introduction to Waldorf Education. Nancy became the kindergarten assistant at the newly formed Lake Champlain Waldorf School. In the late spring of that year, Nancy became the Fourth Grade teacher at Shining Mountain. Nancy taught at Shining Mountain over a twenty-five year period. She taught Hebrew, Math and English in the Middle School, Remedial lessons, Games and a block in the high school. Nancy also spent several years teaching English, History, Art History and Embryology at Tara

Nancy’s many interests include spending time with her family, a love of the ocean, gardening, hiking, singing and movement. She is so happy to bring her passions and love of Waldorf Education to Shepherd Valley .

Adrienne Chapman, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolAdrienne Chapman, Third Grade Teacher

  • BS: Education from Grand Valley State College in Michigan
  • Degree: Waldorf Education from the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College
  • Art at Wayne State University
  • Sabbatical: painting and drawing at Rudolf Steiner College, California and Switzerland. And Sound Circle Eurythmy training in Boulder, Colorado.

Adrienne Chapman has been teaching in Waldorf Schools for over twenty-six years. She taught at the Detroit Waldorf School where she took a class from grades 2-8, and another class from grades 1-8 and for five years as a Middle School class teacher and subject teacher in art and math. She spent the next six years as a class teacher at Shepherd Valley. Adrienne also served on the faculty of the Waldorf Institute of the Great Lakes, offering prospective Waldorf teachers classes in art, anthroposophy, human development and the Waldorf curriculum. In addition, Adrienne has considerable experience in faculty administration: she served as Faculty Chairperson and College Chairperson at Detroit Waldorf School and at Shepherd Valley for a total of ten years. Adrienne is thrilled to be working with Second Grade this year.

Adrienne recently married and lives outside of Lyons, Colorado. Adrienne loves to swim, bike, go on backpack trips into the mountains, paint, garden, read poetry and do eurythmy. Her son, Oliver Chapman, was a Waldorf student and currently lives in Los Angeles and makes puppets for animated movies. Adrienne is looking forward to bringing her love of farming, gardening and outdoor education into the curriculum and supporting our working with the farmers on our land. She has also been studying with Dr. Adam Blanning, Nancy Blanning and Laurie Clark in “Nurturing the Roots”. This is a three year advanced course to help Waldorf educators hone their observation skills as well as to bring therapeutic work to strengthen children in kindergarten and the early grades.

Martina Simunek-Suarez, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolMartina Simunek-Suarez, Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher

According to Martina, her life has been a little bit as Bohemian as her name sounds. She was born in a small town in Lower Austria. Her mother's family were World War II refugees from Serbia, and since they had been uprooted, they leaned even more on their German traditions, Catholic faith and conservative beliefs. Her father was from Bohemia where there was much more liberalism and much less religion. On top of that, her father had grown up in a steel town in one of the socialist strongholds of Austria. So Martina moved back and forth between these two worlds. One might think that she ended up all confused, but she really liked it.

When Martina entered the University of Graz, she continued with a good mix of interests: starting with English and Russian, then adding Geography and eventually ending up in the Vietnam War Literature Collection at CSU in Fort Collins. There she met Julian, and while continuing to travel and work in Europe and various parts of the U.S., they started a family. They and their two boys, Markus and Matthaeus, all love the mountains. They hike, camp, fish and ski. Martina loves to read and also enjoys painting, tiling, carpentry work, electrical work, plumbing, gardening, and a bunch of other fun hands-on things, preferably with power tools. Martina was first introduced to the Waldorf philosophy years ago by her cousin, who, just like Rudolf Steiner and Martina herself, grew up in a little town in Lower Austria. After a whirlwind year back in good old Europe, teaching at the Freie Waldorfschule Wien West, Martina is back with some new ideas!

Stan Sudan, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolStan Sudan, Sixth Grade Teacher

Stan Sudan has been a Waldorf elementary class teacher since 1992, after receiving his Certification as a Waldorf Teacher from Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento California.

He and his family spent two years at the Kauai Waldorf School in Hawaii where he began teaching First Grade and subsequently taught in combined classes. Stan joined Shepherd Valley in 1994 when he took a combined Third and Fourth Grade class.  He has graduated four Eighth Grades from combined classes at Shepherd Valley, the first two in1999 and 2000, and the second two in 2007 and 2008.  He has served nationally as a combined class consultant to Waldorf schools, and is currently in his third cycle of grades teaching.

He has served as both College and Faculty Chairperson, as well as Finance Committee and Board Representative.  His specialized focus during his teaching has been on remedial and therapeutic movement and child development.  He studied with Nancy Blanning in the Nurturing the Roots course, served as chair of the remedial Care Group at Shepherd Valley, and holds a certification in Family and Systemic Constellation facilitation.

His wife, Cindy Sudan, teaches Kindergarten at Shepherd Valley. He has two children who both graduated from Shepherd Valley and from Waldorf High School.  He gardens, loves to take walks in nature, and frequently can be found playing with his family cat.  When not writing, he has been known to present workshops on chalkboard drawing, painting and shaded drawing to schools, colleagues and friends.

Greer Galloway, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolGreer Galloway, Eighth Grade Teacher

•BA: International Relations at American University in Washington, DC (literature and public school education)

•Waldorf certificate and MEd at Antioch University New England

Greer is a Colorado native, raised in the Denver area. Greer has been involved in Waldorf education since 2000 as a founding faculty member and parent of Mancos Valley Independent School, a small Waldorf school initiative outside of Durango, Colorado. Serving as a class teacher, she also taught painting, handwork, and movement classes.

In 2009, Greer and her husband, Francis, moved to the Front Range so their three sons Rhys, Aidan and Eoin could attend Shepherd Valley where they feel blessed to be a part of the wonderful community.

Greer has also built a career as a freelance editor and copywriter, and enjoys spending time with her family skiing, hiking, swimming, camping, backpacking and seeking out hot springs. In her spare time, she reads, writes, knits, sews and watches beautiful sunsets.


Subject Teachers

Cristina Geck, Eurythmy Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolCristina Geck, Eurythmy

Cristina was born and raised in New York City until her family returned to Germany. There, at the age of 20, she became deeply involved with a Camphill community. She stayed at this highly idealistic, Anthroposophical based school and biodynamic farm, closely living and working with ‘Children in Need of Special Care.

Here Cristina also discovered her love of Eurythmy. She had always felt very close to nature and it was fascinating to her that this art form allowed her to express the gestures of nature and cosmos through movement. She went on to study the artistic, pedagogical and therapeutic aspects of Eurythmy in Stuttgart, Bavaria and Switzerland.

Cristina taught for eight years of in a Waldorf School in Hamburg for children with a wide range of developmental challenges. She was part of a performing Eurythmy group and she initiated and directed a number of fairy tale productions, which were performed publicly. In the summer of 2000, Cristina was ready for new challenges.

Cristina came to Boulder to teach Eurythmy at Shepherd Valley. She immediately felt drawn to her new colleagues and the school community. With all the hiking and dancing opportunities that the area has to offer, Boulder seemed an ideal place to settle down.

Wayne Ruhl, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolWayne Ruhl, Games

  • BA: English and Communications at Allegheny College

Wayne grew up in Trenton, New Jersey. In college he was a member of both the swimming and tennis teams.

Wayne became the Games and Sports teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton. He attended the Spatial Dynamics workshops offered by Jaimen McMillan and felt an immediate connection to the Waldorf community and Anthroposophy. While teaching in Princeton, Wayne took graduate courses in English, Art, and Education to further his knowledge and to fully prepare for a career in teaching.

Wayne accepted a position at a large private boarding school in Boca Raton, Florida where he taught middle school English and coached soccer, basketball, and softball. During the summers, Wayne spent his time working at residential summer camps in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Wayne has also coached at the college level at a NCAA D-II college in Ohio as the Head Swimming Coach. His recruiting and interest in hiking and snowboarding brought him to the Boulder area and he felt a longing to experience all the seasons in Colorado. This seemed like the perfect time in his life to return to Waldorf education. Wayne is single and in his free time he hopes to explore the Front Range, state parks and museums, and root hard for the Rockies and Avalanche.

Heidi Wong, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolHeidi Wong, Mandarin

  • BA in Chinese Language and Literature from Yale University
  • MA in Second Language Studies/ESL from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa
  • MSW from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa
  • MDiv from Naropa

Heidi has worked as a Chinese-English translator, taught ESL at various levels, and served for five years as Program Coordinator at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa National Foreign Language Resource Center, where she coordinated programs for second and foreign language educators.

Heidi has been involved with Waldorf schools as a mom since 1999. Her daughters first began their academic careers at the Honolulu Waldorf School (1999-2005) and then attended Shining Mountain Waldorf School from 2005-2009.

Heidi is immensely enjoying teaching Mandarin at Shepherd Valley and is grateful to be included in this wonderful community!

Brightin Schlumpf, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolBrightin Schlumpf, Violin

Brightin was born in Seattle, WA to loving and creative parents who chose her name due to the stunning brightness of the morning in June when she was born. Brightin spent her first 10 years on Vashon Island, in Puget Sound, during which time she was exposed to diverse styles of education, peaking her interest to later be involved with Shepherd Valley Waldorf School. On Vashon, Brightin started Suzuki Violin studies at the age of 6. She asked her mother if she could start violin after observing her peers play and longing to be able to join them in their music making.

Following high school, Brightin attended Cornell University, initially planning to pursue medicine, but soon realizing her calling was in music. Thus, she graduated cum laude as a music major. Brightin also ran Division I cross-country/track at Cornell her freshman year, but soon realized she needed to focus more on her academics and violin in order to be successful. She continues to run and has since completed four marathons. Brightin moved to Boston following her graduation from Cornell, where she completed her first MM in violin/viola performance at the Longy School of Music. At CU Boulder she completed a second MM in viola performance as the graduate teaching assistant to Erika Eckert, and was lucky enough to work with Erika and Geri Walther of the Takacs Quartet.

Brightin is delighted by her position at Shepherd Valley as she gets to work with wonderful children and to enlighten them on the power of music as a tool for communication, an opportunity to develop discipline, and a way to bring beauty to someone else’s life through playing.

Joanna Lynden, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolJoanna Lynden, Choir

  • American Conservatory of Music in Chicago
  • Mills College in Oakland
  • University of Washington in Seattle
  • Music education degree at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Joanna is a composer, choral director, pianist, organist, church musician, and music educator who has lived in Boulder since 1987. Under her 13-year artistic and musical direction, the renowned women’s a cappella vocal group, IRIS, performed extensively in the Denver metro area, toured the Southwest, and recorded three albums of mostly original music. Joanna’s career has included teaching music in the Boulder Valley School District, directing church music programs, playing in jazz, chamber, and folk ensembles, accompanying soloists, choirs, and musical theater, teaching private piano lessons, and winning several arts grants for her multi-media productions. Choirs around the country have performed some of Joanna’s choral compositions.

In addition to teaching music, Joanna has also taught outdoor education to young children at the Wild Bear School of Nature Discovery in Nederland, and elementary science classes at the ScienceWorks Hands on Museum summer camps in Ashland, Oregon.

Joanna has two sons, her pride and joy, both of whom are professional musicians in the area. She has always been an avid gardener, outdoor enthusiast, and Keeper of the Earth, and in 2011 she completed a year-long certification in herbal medicine.

Joanna is pleased to be a member of the teaching team at Shepherd Valley Waldorf, and strives to develop the choral program into a vibrant and integral part of the school, contemporary yet steeped in the traditions of the ages. She is passionate about facilitating children to experience the joy of singing together in ensemble.

Margaret Romero, Band and Middle-School Cross Country


Margaret received her BM in trumpet performance and a business certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She earned her MM and DMA in trumpet performance and pedagogy from CU-Boulder.  While at CU she performed in the graduate brass quintet, taught trumpet to undergraduate students and was very involved with the Entrepreneurship Center for Music.  Three years running she was awarded the Steve Taniguchi & Shawn O'Neil Entrepreneurship Award.  In addition to teaching at SVWS, Margaret teaches private trumpet lessons, leads a vocal exercise class for Parkinson's Patients, and is a faculty member at the Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts.  She does arts administration and is a member of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra.   

Iris Kelly Candea, Teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolIris Kelly Candea, Afterschool and Summercamp Director

  • Waldorf Training while at Haleakala Waldorf School, Hawaii
  • Therapeutic Education at Gradalis Institute

Iris Kelly Candea, joined Shepherd Valley 2006 from Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten, where she spent six years as the Aftercare Director. Iris worked a year at River Song Waldorf School.

Iris apprenticed with a Master craft teacher and brought a mediation training program to the upper grades and teachers. She worked the aftercare program for the elementary and kindergarten students, and assisted and taught in the kindergarten at Haleakala Waldorf School.

Iris has spent more than sixteen years in the classroom with children. While in Colorado Springs, she was a docent, teaching programs for school children with the Forest Service where she nourished and shared her love of environmental education.

She facilitated an art and nature based Rite of Passage program for families for fourteen years in New Mexico and Colorado. Iris brings an appreciation for parenting, as the mother of two boys.


Administrative Staff

Peggy Driscoll, Administrative Director

Peggy's previous non-profit experience includes five years from 1994-2000 at the Women's Bean Project in Denver, where she was the organization's first Development Director and then became the Executive Director in 1996.  In 2002, Peggy became the Executive Director of the Brett Family Foundation in Boulder, leaving in 2004 to get her Masters of Management at Stanford's School of Business, where she was the 2004-2005 Packard Fellow for focus on non-profits in the Sloan Program.  Peggy has served on a variety of non-profit boards including the Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County, Volunteers of America (Colorado Branch), the Community Resource Center in Boulder and Shepherd Valley Waldorf School. 

Most recently, she's been an independent consultant helping small non-profits as well as a few small for-profit businesses to improve their financial reporting and accountability. Her clients have included the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, the Bell Policy Center, the Spruce Street Mansion and Cambio. Prior to all of her non-profit involvement, Peggy worked for the retail division of Rand McNally. 

Peggy especially enjoys time with her husband Rob who is a researcher and family practice doctor at Denver Health and CU and their three sons, Hunter, Liam and Oliver, and two dogs Stella and Sadie.

Ruth Godberfforde, Admissions Coordinator at Shepherd Valley Waldorf SchoolRuth Godberfforde, Outreach and Admissions Director

  • BSc: Physics from Imperial College in London, UK
  • MSc: Geophysics from the University of Washington.
  • Elementary Teaching license from CU Boulder

Ruth Godberfforde was born in Australia and moved to Hong Kong when she was eight years old. Eight years later Ruth moved to the UK. Her exploration of the natural world led her to study the upper atmosphere at the South Pole in Antarctica;

Ruth moved to Boulder and welcomed her fantastic daughter Alexandra. A love of learning, children’s curiosity and the desire to play led Ruth to teaching. She worked as a First Grade Teacher at an Arts Integrated Magnet School in Colorado where she was integral in the marketing and outreach of this new school. Ruth discovered Waldorf Education through her daughter and has never looked back! She worked as an Assistant Early Childhood Teacher at Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten.

Ruth joined the Shepherd Valley community as our Outreach and Admissions Coordinator in 2013 and is excited to help new families discover the gem of our school here.

Shonda Andrist, Bookkeeper

Shonda was born and raised in Minnesota, until moving to Colorado in 1997 with her now-husband, Anthony Andrist.  They have 4 children, two of which are attending SVWS currently.  They have been in the Waldorf community for 8 years, starting at StarGarden in 2006. 

Shonda has been a bookkeeper for numerous companies for over 14 years, starting with their own company, in 2000.  She loves numbers, loves nature, loves her family, and loves to craft!



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